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  • 1. WHAT IS THE PCBS PORTAL (www.blockmyphone.my)?The www.blockmyphone.my portal is a value-added service offered to the Malaysian public to enable end-users to register their ownership details of the mobile phone device(s).This voluntary registration portal would eventually be linked to PCBS Lost and Found System which connects authorities (e.g. Polis Di-Raja Malaysia) and also other trusted third parties (e.g. Lost and Found Departments of public transportation organisations, shopping malls, public facilities like airports, train stations etc.). The main purpose is to enable PCBS to notify the registrants should their mobile phone be found in the custody of any of those entities.Although registration is not necessary in order to block a mobile phone, registering with the www.blockmyphone.my portal would increase the likelihood of reuniting the end-users with their lost/stolen mobile phone device(s).
  • 2. WHAT WILL YOU NEED TO REGISTER INTO THE PCBS PORTAL?You will need to create an account that you have total control over. You will need the IMEI number, make and model of your phone. You can enter other mobile phones on your account and will need descriptions and serial numbers.
  • 3. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF THE PCBS PORTAL?Should your lose or stolen phone be recovered by the authorities or trusted third parties, PCBS would notify the portal registrant of the discovery and provide additional details on who to contact or where to go to collect the mobile phone.INFO: It is important to fill up the form with accurate user information in order for the lost or stolen mobile phones can be reunited to the consumer.With MCMC’s support, www.blockmyphone.my public portal is offered to the Malaysian public free of charge.
  • 4. WHAT HAPPENS TO MY STOLEN/LOST PHONE IF I DID NOT REGISTER IN THE PCBS PORTAL?Even if a phone is not registered on www.blockmyphone.my, it is still possible to block the phone by notifying your mobile network.The www.blockmyphone.my is a voluntary registration portal that is separate and independent of the blocking process. The purpose of registration is simply to increase the likelihood of a lost/stolen mobile phone to be reunited with its owner in the event it is recovered.
  • 5. WILL THERE BE ANY REGISTRATION FEES FOR PCBS PORTAL?No, this is a free service brought to you with the support of MCMC and the Government of Malaysia.
  • 6. WHAT HAPPEN IF MY IMEI NUMBER IS ALREADY REGISTERED BY ANOTHER USER?Such cases may happen due to a number of reasons.Firstly, there is a small chance of having a duplicated IMEI number on more than one device. This is sometimes the case with non-type approved mobile phone devices manufactured by small, non-mainstream manufacturers. However, the percentage of such cases worldwide is very low in relation to the total number of mobile phone devices in existence.The other possibility is that the IMEI is a genuine one belonging to a legitimate/type-approved mobile phone device. However, another user may have registered it as belonging to him, either by accident or as the previous owner of a device that has since been sold off or given to somebody else.

    In all these cases, the www.blockmyphone. my portal would promptly inform the registrant that the IMEI number/mobile phone device in question has been registered by another user before. The notification is purely for informational purposes and the registrant may still proceed with the registration of that device.

    INFO: Registrants will receive a periodic notification email from PCBS’s www.blockmyphone.my portal every 6 months to remind them to update their latest mobile phone device(s) and their status. To avoid unnecessary complications, registrants should promptly update and change in ownership details as soon as possible e.g. when the phone is legitimately sold or given away.

  • 7. WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I SELL OR GIVE AWAY MY MOBILE PHONE?You should deregister your mobile phone device in www.blockmyphone.my and ensure your records remain updated, including with details of any new mobile phone devices.Remember to remind the purchaser or recipient of your previous mobile phone device to register themselves and/or update their details on www.blockmyphone.my so that they too can enjoy the full benefits of this free service.
  • 8. HOW MANY MOBILE PHONES USERS ARE ALLOWED TO REGISTER?At the moment, each registrant is allowed to register a maximum of 10 mobile phone devices at any one timeIt is important to promptly update the ownership details whenever there is a change. Removing previous mobile phones which have been sold off, given away or no longer in use (e.g. Due to obsolescence) will allow the registrants to register additional new devices, up to a maximum of ten devices at any one time.


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